Thursday, April 8, 2010


Someone has gone to the trouble of collating hundreds of anti-Obama designs (mostly in reference to the health reform bill) one web page.

On the surface of it, these are hilarious. And it’s kind of hard to imagine they weren’t devised with at least the tip of a tongue in the cheek. But it is scary how little the two sides of divided America understand each other and how willing both sides are to swallow scare tactics. (The anti-Palin merchandise on CafĂ© Press fairs slightly better in the humour stakes, and considering how bizarre she truly is, is slightly more accurate than the Obama-bashing but still suggests that she is taken more seriously than she deserves.)

I’m not saying the average Brit is any more politically well-informed but at least the voting public of the UK are largely aware that there is little between the major parties' policies that will have catastrophic impact on their lives. Now, being such a nation of such moderates leads to a political apathy that has many problems of its own (general election on May 6, whatever). But at least it doesn’t foster this great fear of the ‘other’ that seems to be endemic on the extreme ends of American culture.

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